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Trojan UVMAX

TrojanUVMAX System

The most advanced UV technology, ensuring that you get a robust, cost effective, and efficient solution to your disinfection needs!


The Trojan Technology Edge      

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1.       High output UV lamps . The UV light generated from a low-pressure, high-output lamp new to the residential and commercial UV market. These lamps provide a higher intensity of UV light making it possible to treat a given volume of water with smaller, more efficient units.

2.       A unique water chamber design . Trojans unique water chamber optimizes hydraulic performance and increases disinfection efficiency. Designed by a computer simulation and validated by bioassay testing, the water chamber maximizes exposure to the penetrating light. With models to treat flow rates from 0.75 to 40 gallons per minute [2.8 to 151 liters per minute] Trojan UVMAX is leading the next generation of residential and commercial UV systems.

3.       New power supply technology. Electronic advances in Trojans power supply offer flexibility over a broad range of voltage supplies[90-265v]. In addition, it can withstand fluctuations in voltage that most power supplies are unable to tolerate while maintaining lamp intensity to ensure continuous disinfection. [Great for rural applications where voltage surges and brownouts are more common!]

4.       Trojan UVMAX reminds you to replace the lamp. To help remind you when to replace the lamp [it is important to do it once every year], Trojan has incorporated visual and audio signals. And, at any given time, the display [UVMAX D, E, F systems] will tell you how many months the lamp has been in use. Should your lamp fail, your system [all models] will automatically sound an alarm.

5.       New UV intensity monitoring device. The premium version Trojan UVMAX Plus, incorporates brand new and innovative UV intensity monitoring technology. The new design enhances the reliability and accuracy of this optional safety feature.


Maintain your system with minimal effort. Looking after your Trojan UVMAX system is easy. All you have to do is periodically clean the lamp sleeve and replace your lamp once a year-simple process you can complete in minutes. For ease of handling, the lamp and protective quartz sleeve are designed as one component, but can be replaced separately.


How does UV disinfection work?

When bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are exposed to germicidal UV light at a particular wavelength [253.7 nanometers] their  reproductive capabilities are destroyed, which means they are inactivated and no longer pose a threat to human health. Ultraviolet disinfection systems channel water past submerged lamps that emit lethal doses of UV energy, destroying any pathogens. The strength of a dose is a product of the UV light intensity and exposure time. Not only is it safe and highly effective, UV does not change the taste, colour, or odor of water. It simply removes the risk of illness caused by microbial contamination, making water safe to drink or use commercially,





Rated for 1-3 Gallons Per Minute.  Equipped with an audio /visual alarm. Constructed of 304SS, Size 15.5”[L] x 2.5”[D], Inlet /Outlet 3/8” NPT. 120V/60HZ 25W





Rated for 2-5 Gallons Per Minute. Equipped with an audio / visual alarm. Constructed of 304SS, Size 13.5”[L] x 3.5”[D], Inlet / Outlet ¾”NPT. 120v/60HZ 27W






Rated for 3-14 Gallons Per Minute. Equipped with an audio / visual alarm. Constructed of 304SS, Size19.5”[L] x 3.5”[D], Inlet / outlet 3/4NPT. 120v/60HZ 43W






Same as above C unit, but uses a special control module with a power supply rating of 90-265V 50/60 HZ 43W. Also includes audible / visual lamp failure alarm, alarm reset, elapsed time meter, dry contacts [for optional remote alarm or solenoid], lamp replacement reminder. Same sizes as “C” unit.





3-14 Gallons Per Minute, same features as above, but also includes Trojans UV INTENSITY MONITOR







Rated for 7-28 Gallons Per Minute.  Same control module as UVMax-D & 67W.

Audio / Visual Alarm, Elapsed time meter, Lamp replacement reminder, dry contacts [for optional remote alarm or solenoid valve]

29”[L] x 3.5”[D] 






Rated for 13-47 Gallons Per Minute, with the same features as The UVMAX D&E units.

102W     39.5”[L] x 3.5”[D]



The above units UV Max E&F are available with Trojan’s UV Intensity Monitor, As well as larger commercial units are available by quotation. Just emails us your requirements and we’ll be happy to provide you with a Quote to suite your waters concerns and needs. We also supply commercial softeners and filter systems. Email us at sales@w-s-p-s.on.ca



Package Kit

As UVMax “C”  14 gpm unit above including 2 Standard Size Deluxe Filter Housings,  complete with one 5 micron graded density filter cartridge for suspended solids, turbidity & one GAC carbon cartridge for taste & odor.

Filter wrench, two ¾” ball valves, two 3’ compression supply connections for a NO SOLDER CONECTION TO your ½” or ¾ “ plumbing pipes [compression connection to copper /cpvc, pex tubing]






Package Kit

As above “C” Kit but with Trojans 5 gpm “UVMax B” unit