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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Should I buy from you?

A. Because we have a fantastic selection, fast service, our low prices, we’re easy to deal with, we sell top of the line products, our products have been used by professionals for years, our manufacturer has been in business for 30 years, we are there after the sale if you have questions, and we deliver right to your door!

Q. Can I install a water softener myself ?

A. We believe if you are replacing a water softener or your house is roughed-in (plumbing is already set up for a softener) for one, with a little mechanical inclination you can do it. Each situation is different, and has a different degree of difficulty. In our parts section we have flexible connectors that screw right into the softener and are compression on the other end, making it very easy to connect a softener. You may choose to have us or a local plumber install your system you can expect it to take 2 hours, plumber rates vary in different areas, but usually range from $50 to $75 per hour. If you’re house or business plumbing has not already been set up for a water softener some plumbing knowledge, and experience will be needed.
For those of you lucky enough to have your new home plumbed in Wirsbo Aquapex Tubing; We are Wirsbo Certified.

Q. How do I know what water softener system I need ?

A. We can help you size and give recommendations for free. It is helpful to know the hardness and iron content of your water. Size and models depend on hardness, iron content, size of house or business, and number of people using it. You can send us a small sample of your water, and we will test it for hardness and iron for free, or you can purchase one of our home test kits and test it yourself !

Q. If I order a water softener, how long will it take to receive it ?

A. In most cases our orders are shipped out next day, depending on method of paying, [sorry no COD’s due to return shipping cost if no ones home to pay / receive it] so depending on exactly when your order is placed you should have it at your door within one to two weeks.

Q. Will your water softeners solve my iron problems?

A. Because every situation is different we cannot absolutely guarantee it will solve your iron problem, but in most cases they will. Our softeners will remove up to 5ppm of ferrous [clear water ] iron, most wells do not have this much iron content. With the use of a Turbulator Distributor tube your water Softener should handle most iron problems. Our recommendation is to install a water softener and see how effective it is before spending money on an iron filtration system. In most cases you will be happy with the results of our water softeners. Most iron filters are sold to make money not because they are necessary. You can always add a iron filtration system at a later date if a water softener does not solve your problem completely.

Q. What exactly is hard water ?

A. Hard water is defined as having more than 1 grain per gallon of dissolved minerals in it. Hard water is usually measured by parts per million (PPM) or grains per gallon (gpg).

Q. I've read ads that claim that Magnetic softeners would solve my hard water problems without adding sodium to my water, what do you think?

A. Magnetic conditioners have been around for 30 years and are not a new item. We ask if they work so well, why doesn't everyone have one? Our manufacture has done extensive research and has yet to find that they are as effective as ion exchange water softener. They don’t actually remove anything from the water they just change the structure of the water. If we believed that they actually worked effectively we would offer them in our product line.

Q. My husband says he doesn't like soft water because of the slimy feeling it causes, what causes the slimy feeling?

A. Actually the slimy feeling is a good thing! When you have hard water it does not lather well and it actually smears, and closes up the pours in your skin, but when you have soft water soap lathers very well, and actually opens your pores and your body oils come out, this is that slimy feeling. So actually it is much healthier to have soft water because you will actually get cleaner by opening your pores. You will get used to that very quickly, and wonder how you ever lived without soft water. So tell your husband to get off his duff and get you a water softener.

Q. I’ve heard that a water softener is the only appliance that can actually save you money, and not cost you money, how is that true?

A. This is true, with the money you save in soap, because it lathers so much better you don’t have to use nearly as much, also the money saved in plumbing repairs because of hard water deposits. Hard water deposits can cause all kinds of plumbing problems in pipes and fixtures. You also save money in cleaning supplies, even clothes will last longer with soft water, when you wash with hard water it’s like washing with little tiny rocks that will beat your clothes wearing them out prematurely. Most of our softeners will go at least ten years without any serious maintenance other than adding salt, so in this time period they will more than pay for themselves.

Q. How much sodium is added to the water from a softener?

A. That depends on the hardness of the original water. This table shows the amount of sodium per quart of softened water.

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