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Manufactures of:

Iron Max : Iron & Sulfur water treatment filter system.

Pump Guard Systems : Zebra Mussel & Whole House Submersible Pump Filter System [for use in lakes & river applications, home or cottage]

We are Distributors a Dealer or a Manufactures Service Depot for the following companies & Products:

Distributors of:

Water Soft : [Manufacture of a wide variety of Quality Water Treatment equipment!]

American Granby: [Accessories for the Water Treatment, Plumbing, Pool, Irrigation Industries]

Addie Water Systems :[Manufacture of a wide variety of water treatment systems]

Nelson Corporation : [distributor of systems & parts for most manufactures of well water & water treatment products]

Envirogard / Rainfresh Water Filters : [Manufactures of wide variety consumer filters & systems]

Danamark Water Treatment Products : [ Water filter systems & cartridges & RO & Drinking Water Systems]

Petwa Water treatment Solutions : [ full line of water treatment products, Water softeners & Iron Filters & POU systems, RO's & distillers]

Myers Emerald Elite Pumps : Constant Pressure Submersible Water Pump For Private Well Systems [constant water pressure is maintained within 2 PSI of the preselected pressure level regardless of the volume demand!]

Manufactures Service Depot:

Myers Pumps & Softeners
We stock a wide variety of Myers & Pentair / Fleck Water Softener Parts

Dealer for the following companies products:

Good Water Warehouse : [Distributor of wide variety of water treatment products, parts & systems]

Trojan UV Systems : [Manufactures of Ultra Violet Systems]

R-CAN (Sterilight) : [Manufacture of Sterilight UV systems & distributor of Cuno & Water Factory RO's]

As well we handle a wide variety of other products:

Blanco Pantry Faucets & Hot & Cold water faucets, ISE Hot water systems & garburators, SunAire furnace UV systems, Moen, American Standard & Price Phister Drinking Water Faucets.

We also have available a wide variety of water coolers & vending systems.

We stock: John Guest Fittings, PVC plastic & Brass compression fittings, Schedule 40 PVC pipe & fittings [white] as well as most parts for various manufactures of water treatment products. PVC drain & supply tubing for water treatment & RO products. Membranes & cartridges for most manufactures makes of Reverse Osmosis Systems.

We have the largest variety of various manufactures POU filter housings & cartridges available & in stock in the Orangeville area.