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Water Testing & Kits

We offer a wide range of TEST KITS & Water Testing Options

From DIY Home test kits through to the Professionals Test kits

And we also have our own Lab & Water Testing Facilities

We can test on site & identify up to 28 different variables to your waters chemistry!

We Are one of FEW Water Treatment Companies capable of doing this ON SITE

As well you can send us your water sample in a CLEAN well rinsed bottle [approximately 500ml bottle] & we’ll test it for free & recommend the right equipment for your waters concerns & needs!













Well Water Home Test Kit

Designed to test drinking water from wells.

Test for: pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Iron, & Nitrate/Nitrite Nitrogen

Test Time Approximately 3 minutes.

2 packets of each test with color chart.











Complete Home Water Quality Test kit

25 Quick & Accurate Results

The most comprehensive DIY test kit available, Designed for COMPLETE home water quality analysis!

Test for: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Toatl Hardness, pH, Total Alkalinity, Sopper, Iron, Chloride, Sulfate, Nitrate/Nitrite Nitrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide, & Bacteria

About 5 minutes test time except bacteria.

2 packets of each test with Color Chart & 1 test for Bacteria!

















Water Test For Coliforms including E.coli

An absence or presence test, [yes or no]

Test for precence or absence of Coliforms & E.coli.

Approximately 2 – 3 days incubation time.











Low range Hydrogen Sulfide Check

Low range sulfur test.

Sulfur must be tested at site / water source to get an accurate reading.

Two test for sulfur. Uses lead acetate indicator on test strip pad for accurate detection













Bacteria Growth Check

Based on US EPA – approved P?A [presence / absence] method for Coliform reporting.

Growth detection of fastidious micro-organisms on a test strip.

The Bacteria Growth Check strips have been specially formulated with Brain Heart Infusion media that allows maximum cultivation of fastidious aerobic bacteria found in water samples.

Produces an actual Estimated Bacteria Growth Level readings.













Insta Test

LaMotte’s Insta test

Home test kit for basic water test;

Tests for: Total Hardness, Total Iron & Wide Range pH

Kit contains two test strips & color coded card for comparison.











Professional Water Test Kits

We can custom tailor a water kit for what ever you wish to test for!

Or have Professional Demonstrator Kits Ready Made Up with Specially designed carry cases. Just email us your request at sales@w-s-p-s.ca

With these test kits our Water Consultants / Technicians use, they can test & identify for the following waters concerns.

·         Hardness

·         Iron

               Ferrous Fe` +

                                      Clear Water Iron

                                      Dissolved Iron

                                      Soluble Iron

               Ferric Fe` 

                                      Oxidized Iron

                                      Iron Oxide

                                      Insoluble Iron

                                      Precipitated Iron

                                      Red Water Iron


                                     Bacterial Iron

                                     Chleated Iron

                                     Heme Iron


                                     Dispersed Iron

·         Manganese

·         Hydrogen Sulfide

·         PH

·         TDS [Total Dissolved Solids]

·         Alkalinity

·         Chloride

·         Sulfate

·         Tannin

·         Nitrate

·         Nitrite

·         Silica

·         Sodium

·         Sulfide

·         Coliforms & E.coli