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About Us

So… Who are we? My name is Sheldon Crawford.

Owner & Founder of "CRAWFORD'S" [formerly Crawfords Plumbing]

I'm a Plumber by Trade; I Now Specialize in Water Treatment Systems.

We are a Family owned and operated company selling Professional Quality products at the lowest prices. While Water Softeners are our main objective, we also sell Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems, Water Filters, Iron Filters, Carbon Filters, Test Kits and parts & accessories, for Homeowners, Plumbing Contractors, and a variety of Commercial Establishments.

We sell products that professional Water Softener Companies sell, except we have no high pressure sales. You can pick out a Water Softener right here at your leisure 24 hours a day.

We feel we have the best products at the best prices on the internet. In fact we think we have the best products for the best prices anywhere. Buy one, install it yourself, or have your Plumber install it for you. Either way we feel you will come out way ahead. Just Compare!!

Products: One of the ones we have found we like best for its DURABILITY & EFFICENCY is a product line from a company called "WATER SOFT" [the name says it all!]

We liked it so much we are now the DISTRIBUTOR for their product line. Supplying plumbers & contractors. As well we are also an Authorized "MYERS Pumps & Softeners Warranty Service Depot".

We can handle a number of different companies product lines. Myers Water Softeners, Nova Tec, Water group Canada, Water Boss, R-Can R.O.'s , U.V.'s & Filters, Trogan U.V.'s, as well as a large variety of different point of use to whole house filters.

I've been in the water treatment & plumbing business since 1983! Over seventeen years experience!

So if you are considering a water softener or purification system now or in the near future… Allow us to show you the difference & advantages the Quality of our "WATERSOFT" or "MYERS" Softeners have over the competition!

PS We don't use or endorse the hard sell Tricks & Gimmics some so called water technicians / sales people use… If you want to see the ugly affects acid in your water makes [our competion loves using that one… kinda scares a person into buying from them…] I can show it to you also… its nothing but a smoke n' mirrors scam / show, it means nothing, I can do the same thing with their soft water sample using a different acid!

We Believe the Honest Truth About a QUALITY PRODUCT Will Sell Itself!

Thank you, for visiting our web site.

If we can be of any assistance, answer any questions or concerns you may have about water treatment, our products. Or if you have any comments. Please contact us at: info@w-s-p-s.ca